Multiwall Bag EB Coating

Cork Industries Inc. announces that our UV/ EB experts have developed an innovative new generation of UV/ EB Gloss Coatings for Multiwall Bags, Corkure-2014M™. Cork Industries' family of Multiwall Bag UV/ EB Coatings are epoxy acrylate based overprint varnishes.  They are 100% reactive and contain no solvents. Multiwall bag UV/ EB coatings have been designed for different slide angles CoF, and is a versatile coating line. Formulations vary as per the equipment and final use, but here are common features:

Common Features: 

  • Enhanced High Gloss
  • Reduces post cure gloss dry back
  • Retains a consistent slide angle
  • Minimum change after curing without blocking

These elements are crucial for many multiwall bag applications. Formulations are available to meet any slide angle requirements, features fast curing, excellent flow, and flexibility, cost effective, recoat-able, stamp-able, and glue-able.

Multiwall Bag Coating formulations also have these important qualities:

  • Stampable 
  • Glueable
  • Flexible 

Available in UV and EB formulations for all printing applications.

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Multiwall Bag High Gloss

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