Aqueous Laminating Adhesives

Cork Industries formulates laminating adhesives for a number of industries and purposes.  Here are a few widely used examples of laminating adhesives that Cork offers.

CORKOTE Wet Lamination Adhesives

CB-900 is an acrylic, cold laminating adhesive formulated for the application of adhering various substrates to each other. It is proven successful bonding paper to paper, plastic to plastic and foil to paper. 


  • CB-900 was designed for application with flexo, gravure, roller and rod coater. 

Features: • Fast Drying

CB-1125 is an aqueous, acrylic, cold laminating adhesive.


  • CB-1125 was designed to laminate various substrates to one another. Users have successfully bonded paper-to-paper, foil-to-paper, and plastic-to-plastic.
  • CB-1125 was formulated for flexo, gravure, roller, and rod application.


  • Fast Drying
  • Laminate multiple substrates
  • Multiple application methods

Green20 High Gloss

Dry Erase & Chalkboard UV Caotings

Multiwall Bag High Gloss

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