FDA Bans Chemicals in Food Packaging Coatings Update

FDA Bans Food Packing Chemicals

Perfluoroalkyl Ethyl Toxicity Concerns in Food Packaging In January 2016, the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) published a final rule that prohibited the use of three specific perfluoroalkyl ethyl containing chemicals because of toxicity concerns. These chemicals had been in use to make paper and paperboard packaging resistant to oil and water for use […]

Cork Welcomes Andrew Gaydos!

Andrew Gaydos

Cork is happy to announce our new member, Andrew Gaydos, to the Marketing Team at Cork Industries. Andrew Gaydos graduated from Fairfield University in Connecticut with a major in Marketing and Minor in Information Systems. After working for Wavemaker and Conductor in New York City, top firms within Digital Media and SEO, he has moved […]

Specialty UV Coatings Provide Product Protection and Chemical Resistance

product protection

Our world is an ever-changing one as evidenced recently by the appearance of Covid-19, unusual weather, and ever-evolving new technologies and products. These changes are presenting both opportunities and challenges for UV coatings with their ability to resist attack by chemicals, and various consumer and industrial products. Currently, we are advised to wear masks, wash […]