Mystery of Drying Aqueous Coatings

Aqueous Coating

It’s well known and understood that washed clothing dries when the wash water is evaporated.  Similarly, paint dries when the diluent solvent is evaporated, leaving a film of dry paint solids. Aqueous coatings dry as volatile components (mainly water), about 60% of the typical formula composition, evaporate or are absorbed by a porous substrate.  Coalescence […]

Preprint Coatings

Corkote 25 Preprint Coating

CORKOTE-25 Preprint Aqueous Coating CORKOTE- 25 is a zinc-free aqueous topcoat designed specifically for the pre-print process. It exhibits a moderate COF while providing the scuff resistance needed to withstand the hot corrugation process. CK-25 has exceptional abrasion and water resistant properties. Usage: CORKOTE- 25 is typically applied via flexo, gravure or roller-coater onto paper […]