Unveiling the Fundamentals of Polymer Chemistry: A Seminar for UV/EB Professionals

UV & EB Seminar

Meet Gina Martinelli, a Senior Product Development Chemist at Cork Industries, and a leading scientist in the dynamic realm of polymer chemistry. She will be one of the featured speakers at the 2024 RadTech UV & EB Technology & Conference, hosting the UV/EB Professional Short Course seminar on Sunday, May 19,  2024. With a robust career […]

Electron Beam Applications’ Expanding Footprint

Electron Beam Applications Chart

Electron Beam (EB) does a lot of things, but perhaps the most significant one is the ability to break bonds of polymers.  When chemical bonds are broken, they produce free radicals (unpaired valence electrons), which are the drivers of free-radical chemical reactions.   These are the basis of the majority of present-day commercial EB applications.  An […]

Testing the Cure of Electron Beam Coatings (EB) & Ultraviolet Coatings (UV)

MEK Rub Test

The UV and EB Curing Process Prior to discussing the testing of the cure of UV/EB curable coatings let’s review what UV/EB curing is. Curing or polymerization is the process of reacting prepolymer monomers and oligomers together in a chemical reaction that forms polymer chains, or cross-linked three-dimensional networks. UV curing is a process that […]

Recoatable EB Coating

Cork Industries’ family of Recoatable Electron Beam (EB) Coatings are acrylic epoxy based overprint varnishes.  They are 100% reactive and contain no solvents. Almost all EB coatings can be made into a recoatable formulation, based on the qualities needed. Formulations vary as per the equipment and final use, but here are common features: Common Features: RECOATABLE! […]