Coatings & Anilox Transfer Efficiency To The Substrate

Flexo Style Chambered Doctor Blade Metering Coaters Flexo style chambered doctor blade metering coaters have become the dominant coater type used on sheet fed offset presses. They have proved capable of producing high levels of precise, repeatable application of clear coatings, and other fluid products. Integral to this success has been the development of the […]

FDA Approved Paper Barrier Coatings

FDA Approved Aqueous Paper Barrier Coatings Sheetfed or Roller Coater: CORKOTE-83HV-1 is an excellent barrier coating that exhibits numerous resistance properties. When applied via offset to raw or coated paperboard it provides very low MVTR and Cobb values. CK83HV-1 is a unique backside, barrier coating which provides grease and water resistance and is used when […]

FDA Approved Ovenable Barrier Coatings

FDA Approved Aqueous Ovenable Barrier Coatings Flexo or Gravure Coaters: CORKOTE™—CK-74-120 has been formulated as a barrier coating where direct food contact with no restrictions is needed. When applied properly (pinhole-free) to paper and paperboard, it also acts as an excellent release coating for most foodstuffs. Usage:CORKOTE™—CK-74-120 can be applied via flexo or gravure. Features: […]

Greensoft Soft Touch Tactile UV Coating

Greensoft™ Coatings have a soft, tactile, velvety feel and have excellent adhesion for conventional and in-mold labels, paperboard, and paper. Greensoft is also available to print on selected foils and plastics. It is available in fragrances! Greensoft is available as a Green UV Coating or in Aqueous formulations. Our coatings experts can help you decide […]

Multiwall Bag Aqueous Coating

Cork’s Aqueous Multiwall Bag Coating is an aqueous overprint varnish designed for multiwall bags. It has good gloss and rub resistance. Formulations: Flexo Gravure Features: Non-yellowing Low foaming Good CoF Slide Angle properties Physical Properties: Viscosity 17 – 20 Seconds #3 Signature Zahn @ 70°F 200 – 300 cps Solids 43% – 46% pH 8.8 – […]