Green 20™ High Gloss UV Coating

Green 20 Gloss UV Coating

You couldn’t pick a higher-performing workhorse, high gloss, UV coating than Green20™. Green20 Performance Benefits: Unsurpassed Smooth High Gloss Finish High Adhesion High Flexibility Competitive Price Green 20 Versatility: Viscosity Adjusted In-line Coating Over Heatset, Hybrid & UV Inks Variety of Substrates Paper Paperboard Films By offering better performance compared to standard UV coatings, the […]

Green 20™ Screen Print Gloss UV Coating

You couldn’t pick a higher performing workhorse, high gloss, UV coating than Green20™. GREEN20-SC™ is a high gloss, Screen applied, workhorse, fast curing, 100% reactive, low odor, zero VOC, environmentally responsible green UV coating. Unlike standard UV coatings, it is made using a proportion of Green renewable bio-resource derived materials in place of petrochemical based materials. […]

eGreen™ High Gloss EB Coating

eGREEN™ is a high gloss, flexo, or rod applied, zero VOC, environmentally responsible, fast curing, workhorse EB curable green coating designed for application over a variety of substrates. Unlike conventional EB coatings, which are typically 100% petrochemical resource-based, eGREEN™ is made using abundant Green renewable bio-resource content. Properly applied and cured, eGREEN produces a smooth glossy, […]

Multiwall Bag UV Coating

Cork Industries Inc. announces that our UV experts have developed an innovative new generation of UV Gloss Coatings for Multiwall Bags, Corkure-2014M™. Cork Industries’ family of Multiwall Bag UV Coatings are epoxy acrylate-based overprint varnishes.  They are 100% reactive and contain no solvents. Multiwall bag UV coatings have been designed for different slide angles CoF, […]