Cork Industries, We are Tomorrow's Innovation

Cork is an Industry Leader in the Formulation of Sustainable Aqueous, UV, and EB Coatings, Varnishes, and Adhesives for Graphic Arts and Packaging. Throughout our over 40-year history, Cork Industries has earned the reputation of providing innovative solutions to the challenging issues presented by the ever-changing converting, packaging, and printing industries.

Innovative Specialty and Workhorse Coatings:

  • Aqueous Coatings
  • UV Coatings
  • Electron Beam Coatings
  • Primers & Adhesives
  • Cleaners & Washes

Since 1980, Cork has remained a family-owned and operated business. The company’s products are sold through direct sales and distributor partners to a broad, international market. Cork and its distributors provide sales and service in the United States, Canada, Central, and South America, and the Pacific Rim including China.

Cork Industries operates two combined manufacturing and laboratory facilities located in Folcroft, Pennsylvania, and Jacksonville, Florida to ensure the security of supply and customer support. The laboratories perform Quality Assurance, product development, and technical service functions.

Dual Laboratory and Manufacturing Facilities:

  • Folcroft, Pennsylvania
  • Jacksonville, Florida

Additionally, Cork maintains a staff of field service technicians. These professionals provide customer technical support, and they can offer customer-specific training. Training programs include the efficient use of Cork’s products, individual customer waste reduction methods, and productivity improvement measures.

Cork’s product lines demonstrate the company’s commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility. Cork’s line of sustainable UV coatings is formulated from bio-renewable content. Cork’s aqueous product lines meet industry demands for high-performance functional coatings and primers, heat seal adhesives, and vehicles for liquid inks while remaining low VOC.

Sustainability Leader:

  • Bio sourced Materials
  • Poly Replacement Coatings
  • Biodegradability & Compostability
  • Low Energy to Cure

Additionally, the company’s expanding lines of high-performance UV & EB coatings and UV inks are low VOC, low Draize, and safe to handle. Cork’s line of label adhesives offers innovative solutions to challenging labeling problems while supporting waste reduction and recycling efforts.

Committed to customer service, Cork is staffed to effectively partner with customers to provide satisfaction and exceed expectations. Continuous improvement linked to a quest for quality has resulted in a steady supply of reliable, consistent products and services.  We enjoy working with progressive companies that are on a quest for continuous improvement.

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