Greensoft™ GN-BF Soft Touch Tactile UV Coating

GREENSOFT™ GN-BF environment friendly SoftTouch coating is a translucent, low gloss, UV-curable; velvety coating containing over 38% renewable resources and zero VOC. GREENSOFT™ GN-BF is unique, insomuch as it can be processed in two different ways.

  1. It can be cured as is, as 100% solids product, for most decorative packaging and publishing applications.
  2. For work and turn and two sided dense inks and/or ultimate mar and abrasion and solvent resistance applications it may be hit with IR and/or HVHA and immediately cured with UV energy on 1 pass on capable equipment.

GREENSOFT™ GN-BF is designed for flexographic, sheetfed, or smooth roller applications—alone or over ink. It performs well with 10-14 BCM, thin wall, or channeled aniloxes.

GREENSOFT™ GN-BF is a specialty product for paper, paperboard, and selected foils and plastics used to create luxurious aesthetics and a tactile velvety feel, while providing the protection of a UV coating.


  • Floodcoat or Spot over Heatset, UV, Hybrid, or Waterbased inks
  • Luxurious feel; Inline Topspottable with Corkure™1137HG-99GT Gloss UV
  • Printable, glueable, embossable, scorable, foldable1

1 In-house foils, glues, etc. should be pretested for qualification. Consult Cork Tech Support for UV stamping foils for that have been used in production, if necessary.

•  Benzophenone Free  •



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