Green 20™ Screen Print Gloss UV Coating

You couldn’t pick a higher performing workhorse, high gloss, UV coating than Green20™. GREEN20-SC™ is a high gloss, Screen applied, workhorse, fast curing, 100% reactive, low odor, zero VOC, environmentally responsible green UV coating. Unlike standard UV coatings, it is made using a proportion of Green renewable bio-resource derived materials in place of petrochemical based materials.

Its viscosity is designed for screen coating, using a 380 to 470 mesh screen, and curing over dried/cured inks and aqueous primed conventional sheetfed litho, using a Sakurai™ type coater. Applications on paper, paperboard and film substrates produce a smooth glossy finish, with excellent adhesion and rub resistance. Wash up is easy with nonflammable Cork-Clean™ Blanket and Roller wash.

Green20 Performance Benefits:

  • Unsurpassed Smooth High Gloss Finish
  • High Adhesion
  • High Flexibility
  • Competitive Price

Green 20 Versatility:

  • Viscosity Adjusted
  • In-line Coating
  • Over Heatset, Hybrid & UV Inks
  • Variety of Substrates
  • Paper
  • Paperboard
  • Films

By offering better performance compared to standard UV coatings, the fast curing, energy saving, Green20™ produces an unsurpassed smooth high gloss finish. When you combine this with high adhesion, high flexibility, and the competitive price, you really win-win-win with Cork’s green uv coatings!

It is also remarkable for its safe, HMIS 111B rating, and its noticeable absence of odor before, during and after curing. Green20™ provides unmatched application versatility for low viscosity in-line coating over heatset, UV, or hybrid inks printed on a variety of paper, paperboard, and film substrates.

Green20™ sets a new standard for a workhorse high gloss green UV coating. Contact us about Green 20™ now!

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