Aqueous Blister Coatings

Aqueous Blister Coatings

Cork offers the best in new advanced aqueous polymeric blister coatings. Our value added productivity gains are derived from running clean, fast drying aqueous blister coatings. Whether you run in-line or off-line, running Corkote Aqueous Blister Coatings will be to your advantage. Run in-line sheetfed litho or flexo for the ultimate advantages of productivity and speed. Service your customers with the advantages of in-line speed and fast delivery capability.

CORKOTE Blister Coatings Characteristics
  • Excellent fiber tearing seals to recommended blister boards
  • Positive heat seal response with energy applied through substrate
  • Low VOC
  • Good gloss at 45-55 points @ 60 degrees
  • Good adhesion
  • Good block resistance
  • Good abrasion resistance
  • FDA Compliance to 175.105, 176.170, 176.80 as needed
  • Non-settling, does not require continuous agitation during use
  • Low odor


All are low VOC, 42% solids, and aqueous polymeric based. All are designed to be applied in a one bump application to achieve effective, acceptable heat seal functionality under normal blister sealing conditions.



CK-5791-26 is formulated for in-line litho wet trapping with coat weights of 0.50 lbs./MSF to 0.80 lbs./MSF(DRY).

CK-5791-26 is an aqueous , fast drying heat seal coating that has been formulated to provide effective fiber tearing properties for blister board card application. Usage: CORKOTE— 5791-26 is specifically designed to be applied one bump, inline, wet trapped over conventional wax free sheetfed offset litho blister pack inks. It has also demonstrated functionality when applied in-line over blister pack flexo or sheetfed offset UV inks. It is heat sealable to a variety of blister cell plastic films.  Recommended single bump dry coat weight range is 0.50 lbs./MSF to 0.80 lbs./MSF(DRY).

These recommended single bump dry coat weights have been obtained using tower coaters and blanket coaters. Effective fiber tearing seals have been obtained when sealing PVC and other blister cells to recommended blister boards within standard heat sealing conditions of 350°F-375°F, 50-60 PSI, and 2-3 seconds dwell. Per usual, the longer temperature/pressure/time conditions are required when heavier pt. recommended blister board stocks are used.

CK-5791G is recommended for Flexo or Rotogravure Blister Applcation.

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