Barrier Coatings for Food Packaging

Barrier Performance

The Future of Barrier Coatings 

Currently, there is great interest and promising developments involving in-line applied barrier coating technology based on new organic polymer chemistry utilizing nano-particulate materials in aqueous or solvent systems. These new generation coatings are designed to be capable of being applied in-line by flexo, gravure and litho tower coating processes.

ln-line applied barrier coatings are demonstrating the ability to enhance the O² barrier performance of aluminum metalized, and oxide coated films while improving abrasion resistance, and flexibility. Furthermore, these coatings are showing potential to be used by film manufacturers or converters to produce significant high O² barrier packaging without the need for expensive metalizing or oxide coating.

The attainment of both oxygen O² and moisture vapor barrier MVTR in a single polymer-based coating has remained elusive.

Next up, expect to see the commercialization of single polymer-based systems, utilizing nano technology featuring both high O², and MVTR barrier properties along with desirable green properties. The evolution of new forms of high barrier, transparent plastic packaging should be the result.

Presumably UV curing single film system barrier coatings will also be on the horizon.


Cork Industries, as a leader in food contact coatings, does not use any fluorinated chemicals in the production of any of its products, especially in direct and indirect food contact coatings.  Cork Industries provides superior barrier coatings without the use of these potentially harmful chemicals.


Cork’s barrier coatings do not use fluorinated chemicals in any of its products; all are PFOA free, PFOS free, and PFOA free. We offer an entire line of robust, cost effective barrier coatings that DO NOT contain fluorinated chemicals.

Cork continues to advance its environmentally responsible GREEN technology utilizing sustainable renewable (bio) resource materials content. See more about Barrier Coatings Here

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