CORK-CLEAN™ is an aqueous, blanket and roller wash for UV coatings. It greatly reduces the odor, toxicity, and flammability hazards associated with solvent-based UV washes.

CORK-CLEAN™ is designed specifically for use with Cork Industries’ GREEN20™ and GREENSOFT™ products, but it works as a blanket and roller wash for all commercial UV coatings.
Use this product for coater, anilox, and roller cleanup.




Better Than Conventional UV Wash
Conventional UV wash products are solvent based, they have low flash points (e.g., 145°F), and they have a very high VOC content—50% to 78% or greater. The high flammability of conventional UV wash products makes clean up the most hazardous job for a UV printer.  Solvent-based UV washes leave a residue because they dissolve the UV coating. The thin solvent film evaporates and leaves some dissolved UV on the surface just cleaned!

Cork Clean is the Smarter, Safer UV Wash

How it Works

Instructions for Cleaning UV Ink Rollers:

Note: Your initial clean up may take longer than normal as Cork-Clean™ will release embedded ink pigments from rollers. After repeated applications, your rollers will return to a near-original condition.

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