Trends Affecting Printing & Coating Markets

Printing Trends

Trends that affect Printing and Coating Markets Covid-19 Accelerates Trends in Printing and Coating Various trends are in place that are now and will continue to affect printing and coating markets. Covid-19 has acted as an accelerant for these trends. When the initial reaction to Covid-19 locked-down world wide economies, businesses closed, people stayed home, […]

The Growth of In-Mold Labels: IML

IML: In-mold Label

In-Mold Labels: A Cost-effective, Sustainable Alternative Time flies, and as improbable as it may seem, in-mold labeling (IML) debuted in the late 1970s.  Looking back historically, IML developed as a high volume, low cost, paper substrate driven market.  The beginning applications consisted of long-run blow-molded branded bottles, and to a lesser degree, injection molded containers. […]

Testing the Cure of Electron Beam Coatings (EB) & Ultraviolet Coatings (UV)

MEK Rub Test

The UV and EB Curing Process Prior to discussing the testing of the cure of UV/EB curable coatings let’s review what UV/EB curing is. Curing or polymerization is the process of reacting prepolymer monomers and oligomers together in a chemical reaction that forms polymer chains, or cross-linked three-dimensional networks. UV curing is a process that […]

Specialty UV Coatings Protection and Chemical Resistance

product protection

Our world is an ever-changing one as evidenced recently by the appearance of Covid-19, unusual weather, and ever-evolving new technologies and products. These changes are presenting both opportunities and challenges for UV coatings with their ability to resist attack by chemicals, and various consumer and industrial products. Currently, we are advised to wear masks, wash […]

Greensoft 126SFT Green UV Coatings

Cork’s Greensoft 126SFT line of green uv coatings offers the soft tactile feel for your upcoming projects.  Consult with one of our experts about how you can achieve the best soft feel for your products. GREENSOFT™-126SFT-460TRM GREENSOFT™-126SFT-460TRM is a SoftTouch™ UV Coating for a soft, tactile feel with improved rub resistance. It is 100% reactive and contains […]

UV/EB – Frequently Asked Questions

Your UV Coating and EB Coating Questions are answered here… How safe are UV/EB formulated, coatings, varnishes, adhesives and inks? The raw materials available allow formulators to create products that are very low in skin irritability potential. However, these products, just like conventional products, are still chemicals that must be used with eye and skin protection. It is before cure, […]

Greensoft™ SW5 Soft Touch Tactile UV Coating

GREENSOFT™ SW5 SoftTouch™ is a low gloss translucent, UV-curable, velvety, antistatic, coating for designed for anilox, roller or rod systems. Flexo and sheetfed applications topspotted with Corkure™ 1137HG-99GT inline Ultragloss coating over GREENSOFT-SW5™ SoftTouch™ produce beautiful aesthetics at high production efficiency. It is used for boxboard, paperboard, etc. and contains up to 35% non-fossil renewable resources. […]

Greensoft™ GN-BF Soft Touch Tactile UV Coating

GREENSOFT™ GN-BF environment friendly SoftTouch coating is a translucent, low gloss, UV-curable; velvety coating containing over 38% renewable resources and zero VOC. GREENSOFT™ GN-BF is unique, insomuch as it can be processed in two different ways. It can be cured as is, as 100% solids product, for most decorative packaging and publishing applications. For work […]

Green 20™ High Gloss UV Coating

Green 20 Gloss UV Coating

You couldn’t pick a higher-performing workhorse, high gloss, UV coating than Green20™. Green20 Performance Benefits: Unsurpassed Smooth High Gloss Finish High Adhesion High Flexibility Competitive Price Green 20 Versatility: Viscosity Adjusted In-line Coating Over Heatset, Hybrid & UV Inks Variety of Substrates Paper Paperboard Films By offering better performance compared to standard UV coatings, the […]

Green 20™ Benzo Free Gloss UV Coating

You couldn’t pick a higher performing workhorse, high gloss, UV coating than Green20™. GREEN20-BF™ is a Benzophenone free, workhorse, high gloss, fast curing, zero VOC, environmentally responsible green UV coating. Unlike standard UV coatings, which are historically based on 100% petrochemical materials, GREEN20-BF™ is made using a proportion of Green, renewable, bio-resource derived materials. It is […]