PFAS: Phasing Out Banned Chemical Compounds

PFAS Chemicals Banned

KNOWLEDGE IS POWER WITH REG’S PHASING-OUT BANNED PFAS Momentum is seemingly building to speed the phase-out of PFAS.  Some states have now taken action regarding its use in direct food contact packaging. Let’s review what we’re dealing with: Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) made their appearance in the 1940s, due to the attractiveness of properties […]

Recycled Paperboard Presents Challenges

Recycled Paperboard Challenges

Yes, Recycled Paperboard is Different Recycled Paperboard can provide challenges to printing and coating processes.  Some time ago, we at Cork were astounded during a sheetfed litho aqueous coating trial.  Run on several varieties of recycled paperboard, inks would simply not set on one particular stock. This occurred after a successful in-line print/high gloss aqueous […]

Trends Affecting Printing & Coating Markets

Printing Trends

Trends that affect Printing and Coating Markets Covid-19 Accelerates Trends in Printing and Coating Various trends are in place that are now and will continue to affect printing and coating markets. Covid-19 has acted as an accelerant for these trends. When the initial reaction to Covid-19 locked-down world wide economies, businesses closed, people stayed home, […]

Electron Beam Applications’ Expanding Footprint

Electron Beam Applications Chart

Electron Beam (EB) does a lot of things, but perhaps the most significant one is the ability to break bonds of polymers.  When chemical bonds are broken, they produce free radicals (unpaired valence electrons), which are the drivers of free-radical chemical reactions.   These are the basis of the majority of present-day commercial EB applications.  An […]

Replacing Poly (PE) Coated Paper and Paperboard in Food Packaging

Poly Replacement Food Package

A Poly Coated (PE) Replacement Aqueous Coating Want an alternative to polyethylene (PE) coated paper and paperboard? Replacements for poly exist in food packaging. The answer is simple, FDA direct food compliant water-based (aqueous) coatings, supplied by Cork Industries are providing an alternative to PE coated paper and paperboard. Poly Replacement in Food Packaging can […]

Aqueous Coatings Fundamentals: Temperature, Pressure, & Viscosity

Aqueous Coating Temperature, Pressure, Viscosity

The Essence of Aqueous Coatings The practice of applying a coating successfully is a result of understanding and being attentive to a few fundamentals. These are pressure, viscosity, and pile temperature.  Success requires that these key variables be under control. Pressure in Aqueous Coatings PRESSURE: “KISS” is the key to a successful trouble-free coating application.  […]

New Requirements for Safety Data Sheets in the Workplace

Lab Safety

Changes to the Safety Notification in the Workplace A Safety Data Sheet (SDS), formerly called a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS), Is a detailed, standardized, internationally accepted informational document. The Safety Data Sheet is used for cataloging information and procedures for the safe handling and workplace use of chemicals, chemical compounds, and chemical mixtures. It […]

The Growth of In-Mold Labels: IML

IML: In-mold Label

In-Mold Labels: A Cost-effective, Sustainable Alternative Time flies, and as improbable as it may seem, in-mold labeling (IML) debuted in the late 1970s.  Looking back historically, IML developed as a high volume, low cost, paper substrate driven market.  The beginning applications consisted of long-run blow-molded branded bottles, and to a lesser degree, injection molded containers. […]

Testing the Cure of Electron Beam Coatings (EB) & Ultraviolet Coatings (UV)

MEK Rub Test

The UV and EB Curing Process Prior to discussing the testing of the cure of UV/EB curable coatings let’s review what UV/EB curing is. Curing or polymerization is the process of reacting prepolymer monomers and oligomers together in a chemical reaction that forms polymer chains, or cross-linked three-dimensional networks. UV curing is a process that […]

Gluing Aqueous Coatings

Aqueous Gluing

Two types of adhesives or glues are in common use to glue aqueous coated substrates.  These are cold white glues and hot melt adhesives. The most widely used of these are hot melt adhesives which are a form of solvent-free thermoplastics. These are solid at room temperature and are melted to be applied as a […]