Cork-Clean™ Boosts Productivity

Cork Clean Improves Productivity

Cork’s CORK-CLEAN™ UV blanket, roller wash, and system flusher for UV inks and coatings is your answer for fast, effective, and safe clean-up. CORK-CLEAN™, formulated specifically as a companion wash-up product for Corks’ Green20™ and Greensoft™ UV coatings, has proven to be effective as an equipment, blanket, roller, and anilox wash for all commercial UV inks and coatings.

Many conventional UV press wash products are solvent based. They are typically high in odor, highly flammable having low flash points (e.g. 145° F) making them hazardous to the printer, and have very high VOC content in the range of 50% to 78% plus.

Further, these products don’t really clean very well since they leave a residue on cleaned surfaces because they work by dissolving UV inks, and coatings. The dissolved UV inks and coatings residue is left on just cleaned surfaces as the solvent carrier evaporates, and is wiped from cleaned surfaces.

Cork-Clean™: Safe Alternative

CORK-CLEAN™ by contrast, is a safe aqueous based wash-up that is low odor (lemony), low in toxicity, and is nonflammable with a flash point higher than 199.4° F/93° C. It is formulated to uniquely react chemically with UV inks, and coatings to disperse them as discreet emulsified particles that are stabilized in the water carrier. This action effectively allows the total removal of UV ink, and coatings from rollers, and out of anilox cells leaving the surfaces residue free after flushing, rinsing and drying.

CORK-CLEAN™ is proven safe for use on butyl rubber, EPDM, Buna-N/Buna Nitrile composition rollers, and blankets, as well as other elastomeric materials required for use with UV inks/coatings.

Cork-Clean™: Easy to Use

CORK-CLEAN™ is easy to use applying it to equipment, rollers, blankets, or anilox with a rag or brush to emulsify UV ink/coating. Concentrated product may be used neat, as supplied, or cut 50-50 with tap water. Additional CORK-CLEAN™ should be applied as needed until surfaces are visually judged to be UV ink/coating free. Don’t rinse/wipe with water until all surfaces are totally free of UV ink/ coating. The surfaces can then be rinsed/flushed thoroughly with tap water until clear, finishing by drying with a clean rag.

The very effective cleaning power of CORK-CLEAN™ will release embedded ink pigments from rollers, and blankets. Repeated CORK-CLEAN™ use will return rollers and blankets to PEAK condition. Specific to anilox rolls, CORK-CLEAN’s™ effective cleaning restores the volume of ink clogged cells.

Try CORK-CLEAN™, the difference making UV equipment, blanket, roller, and anilox wash, for all UV inks and coatings. See how CORK-CLEAN™ disperses UV inks/coatings leaving your equipment free of redeposition.
CORK-CLEAN™ use matters, giving a boost to press room productivity.

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