UV Coatings Change Impulse Buying Dynamic

Specialty UV Coatings Lead to Impulse Buying

The creative use of decorative specialty UV printed coatings is opening the eyes of brand managers and impulse buyers alike. These attention demanding special effects UV coatings are proving to be capable of differentiating products and increasing impulse sales for retailers. What are the forces that stimulate us as we shop? Why is it that more often than not we leave a store with more than we set out to buy? Most of our high frequency shopping is done at the supermarket where supplies of daily used consumables are replenished. We typically go to the store with either a fixed mental or written shopping list. Most of us find that any shopping list that we started out with is expanded quickly as we react to various stimuli as we traverse stores aisles and indulge in impulse buying.

Impulse buying is a spur-of-the-moment, unplanned decision to buy, made just before a purchase. Research suggests that 60% of all grocery sales result from this process which is actually based on subconscious factors, emotions and feelings. These may be triggered by our seeing, smelling, or feeling a product, or its packaging, or by reacting to strong promo messaging. People aren’t always rational thinkers, and in truth, normal logical decision making is often replaced by an irrational lapse to satisfy self gratification.

Most shopping is so time consuming and hard to consciously conduct that we use shortcut heuristics-subconscious rules-of-thumb to base quick decisions on. Therefore, we respond to stimuli such as discounts, 2 for 1 offers, free extras, etc., appearance, smell, and touch to discern value and make purchasing decisions.

The Role of Packaging in the Purchase Decision

Shopping and purchasing decisions cannot be discussed without discussing packaging. Packaging has an important role to play in moving product. Not only does it continue its traditional role of providing product protection and a means of distribution, but today it is also a primary sales driver. Packaging has evolved to become an important product advertising, branding, consumer communication billboard, and buying stimulus.

Packaging is the connection between a product and the consumer. It is the lynchpin to selling. Package shape, appearance, graphics appeal, message, security, feel, and aroma all have the potential to influence the consumer to make a purchase.

Generally the package that sells better than another is the package that stands out and gains the customers attention.

Studies of branding have shown that packaging can be effectively used to stimulate a consumers five senses, seeing, smelling, touching, tasting and hearing to create a selling advantage. Seeing, it turns out, is by far the most important of these.

The package that attracts consumer attention will be the one that is able to establish an emotional connection with a customer at a sensory level. Consumer studies indicate that packaging has only seconds to attract and seduce a customer and induce an impulse purchase decision.

Package design in terms of shape and features is being used more than ever to provide packaged product differentiation and shelf appeal to attract the customer and generate more impulse buying.

Likewise, packaging graphics using color, shape and message strive to attract the consumers’ eye to stimulate impulse purchasing decisions.

In today’s marketplace the aisles are filled with well designed distinctive packaging, making individual product differentiation ever more challenging to achieve.

Packaging surface treatments in terms of coatings have a role to play here. It’s well known that the application of gloss aqueous, UV & EB top coatings have upgraded packaging in terms of package protection and appearance. Since these coating products have now been in use for decades, packaging is saturated with their use. In these respects much of today’s packaging tends to have the same look. Therefore, in order to create a new look it is necessary to step outside of the box.

The graphic arts specialty coating industry has recognized this need and has responded with the development of a variety of special effects coatings. These include, pearlescent, fluorescent, glitter, metallic, glow-in-the dark, temperature sensitive, soft touch, dry erase, reticulating and raised textured products. These can work alone, or in combination with high gloss, satin, and matte coatings to create packaging that will stand out from the ordinary.

The novel use of special effects coatings on packaging has been shown to be an effective tool in creating an eye popping, customer attracting difference on the shelf, feeding impulse purchasing decisions.

Cork’s UV Coatings
  • UV Textured-Reticulating
  • UV Raised (domed) Embossing Simulation Coatings
  • UV Dry Erase Coatings
  • UV Chalk Board Coatings
  • UV Soft Touch Greensoft™ Haptic Series Coatings
  • UV High Gloss Coatings
  • UV Matte Coatings
Cork’s Aqueous Specialty Print Coatings
  • Aqueous Soft Touch Greensoft™ Haptic Series
  • Aqueous High Gloss
  • Aqueous Matte

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